Since 1969 SSW Engineers Inc. has provided services for public agencies, corporations, private agencies, developers, architects, contractors and home owners.

SSW Engineers Inc has logged over 7,100 projects, files and drawings for which is digitally archived or stored in over 1000 drawing tubes so that the information can be used on future engineering projects.

SSW Engineers Inc's work has been published under the following company names:

1969 Schaudt, Stemm, and Walter, Inc.
1979 Schaudt, Stemm, and Wild, Inc.
2001 SS&W Inc.- Engineers

Gene Schaudt, Donn Stemm, and Ray Walter were the original founders of this firm in 1969. Art Wild replaced Ray Walter in 1979. Ralph Wilson joined the shareholders in 1999 and Michael Dahrens became a shareholder in 2003, the same year that Donn Stemm retired. Our founding member, Gene Schaudt passed away in September, 2006.